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Nov 2021
Nov 2021

8 months after moving to a larger home in Estes Park

  • Replaced Comcast Cable Service with Trailblazer Broadband Fiber IP service. Full Gig up and down is niiiice.
  • Added Starlink as a backup connection
  • The old Netgate FW-7551F could only do about 600Mbps with netflow enabled, so I bought an SG-5100.
    • I initially ran the network with only the new firewall, but I recently re-deployed the old firewall to host the Starlink connection and configured them with CARP. I also set up synchronization of DHCP and FW rules between the two firewalls
  • Added another Wireless Access Point (larger house) and had to replace the older Aruba AP-175 with a newer model outdoor WAP so we could upgrade code on the controller.
  • Finally bought and deployed real licenses for a standalone Aruba Networks Virtual Mobility Controller and 5 AP’s (one to grow on)
  • Started mining crypto in the crawl space.
  • Neither Trailblazer nor Starlink have native v6, so I had to set up a tunnel to Hurricane Electric
  • The Cisco UCS chassis hasn’t been powered up since we moved in March. Soon. Maybe. If the next round of power upgrades ever gets done.

Next up on the list:

Having redundant Internet connections and routers has already come in handy once, but if my switch or my primary server dies, my whole network (except the handful of hardwired devices I have) goes down

  • Install redundant server
  • move images from seagull over to it so I can re-image seagull from CentOS to Ubuntu.
  • Install second switch
  • Run second Cat6 from each Access Point to the new switch
  • Split server connections across the pair of switches
February 2021 – just before the move to Estes Park
  • Network is very stable, even if not really “labbing” a whole lot.
  • Still On Trial licenses for Aruba Virtual Mobility Master and Controller
  • Starting to experiment with Homeassistant ( in preparation for all of the “smart things” I have planned for the new house
  • The Cisco UCS chassis makes the garage sound like a legit data center when I power it on, so it stays powered down (and yet still consumes all of the space on my workbench).
May 2020 – Humble Beginnings

Other than a server running 3 virtual machines, it’s a pretty typical home network.